• How can I buy tickets to an event?  

  1. Through our website www.dirtoval66.com
  2. At our office Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.
  3. On RACE DAY at our office 9am-2pm (Go in through Gate 12) or on Race Day- you can buy tickets at the box office/gate after 4:00pm.   Tickets are always available on race day.
  4. Call our office 815-740-8000 or Toll Free 844-866-DIRT
  • Where is Dirt Oval 66 Located? We are located at Route 53 and Schweitzer, East of Route 53 on Schweitzer.  For the Office enter at Gate 12 and for General Parking /Event enter at Gate 13.
  • What are the ages for Juniors?  Juniors ages are 3-12.  Children 2 and under are FREE. Junior pricing applies to general admission grandstand tickets only. 
  • When does advance ticket pricing end? 2 Weeks Prior to Event, all discounted ticket pricing ends.
  • Do you sell Reserved Seats? Yes
  • Can I use a credit card to purchase pit passes? Yes, we accept credit and debit cards.
  • How old do you have to be enter the pits for a Team Demo event? 18
  • Are Juniors allowed in the pits for other events?  If so how much?  Juniors are allowed in the pits for some dirt racing events.  The price for juniors to enter the pits is $10.00.  Please call the office for more information.  
  • Can I leave the race and re-enter? Only prior to 7pm (rule applies to team demo events only)
  • What time do parking lots open? 4pm (some events, may differ)
  • Can I use PayPal to purchase my tickets? No, sorry we do not accept PayPal.
  • Are the pits (pit area) open after the races? Yes, for all ages.
  • Can I leave the pit area during race and re-enter? Only prior to 7pm 
  • How long are the 5 -track pack/season tickets for Team Demo’s available? Until 2 weeks prior to Team Demo Round 1.
  • Do you charge for Parking? For most events, but not all. If applies $5.
  • Do you have designated motorcycle parking? Yes, available near the front entrance, parking fees do apply.
  • Do you accept Apple Pay when paying for Merchandise? Yes
  • What time do your pre-race activities start? 4pm
  • Can I have a birthday or anniversary announced? Yes, visit the Fan Page info and make the request by the Friday before the event. Due to high demand, we do not allow same day announcements.
  • How many people are allowed to accompany a wheel chair in the ADA section? We allow ONE companion/friend seat per wheelchair.
  • Are we allowed to smoke in the grandstands? No, tobacco products are not allowed in the grandstand area. We do offer a Smoking Section.
  • What should we do if severe weather approaches the speedway? This facility may not provide protection from extremely high winds, tornadoes and lightning. KNOW YOUR PLAN. Severe weather alerts will be communicating by: *PA Announcements, *Twitter- @Dirtoval66.
  • What are delivery fees?  Delivery fees are PER ORDER and not per ticket.  Fees include Sales Tax, Convenience Fees, Credit Card Fees, and Processing Fees.
  • $7 Per Order for Print at Home or Mobile Orders
  • $15 Per Order for Will Call
  • $15 Per Order for US Mail 
  • When does Advanced Pricing for Groups end? 2weeks prior to event, all advanced, discounted ticketing ends.
  • Does the Dirt Oval host corporate parties/Company outings?  Absolutely, space is limited and fills up, please call office for more info 815-740-8000.
  • What are the office hours?  Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm and Race day (Saturday) 9am to 2pm.  
  • Do you offer Reserved Seating? Yes. We offer reserved seating for all events $27.
  • Is there assigned seating?   Yes. For some events, reserved seating is available.   All other seating is GENERAL ADMISSION.   General Admission (GA) refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please note: The first ten rows may have restricted viewing.  
  • Can I buy pit passes online? Yes, pit passes can be purchased online or on race day.